Thursday, July 22, 2010


So this is just going to be some photos and ramblings about some yummy food I have had and made this past week with my hubby.
I started this post last week and got busy, Mamas Collection of Friends this past weekend!!!! Wonderful wonderful time!!!! Blog about that soon to be posted!

Back to food, haha...what can I say, I am pregnant. I enjoy food A LOT normally, so now being with child it is making me enjoy it all the more! we go...
fresh salsa(before being blended), made completely from our garden
Our favorite Young Family recipe

Accompanied with our favorite black bean soup!
Hubby and I's motto for our cooking is usually what is Easy and Best,
who wouldn't want both of these!

The opening of our canned pickles! Anxiously we waited a week,
we almost gave in several times. But we made it!!!....

Hubby being dramatic

Hubby was kind enough to give me the first bite
And my ohhhhhh MY, were they tastey!

Mmmmm....grilled free range burgers with melted colby jack cheese, condiments from the garden, whole wheat buns, cucumber-tomato-onion-basil-vinegar salad all from the garden, and of course Wavy Lays chips. Because they are my favorite. :)
Accompanied, but not photographed, with homemade lemonade.

What's the best way to finish off a perfect summer picnic meal???
My favorite dessert of vanilla frozen yogurt, fresh cut strawberries, and dark chocolate syrup.
Oooooh yeah....absolutely delicious.

Woke-up knowing for some reason that I had to have enchiladas,
or I might just die.

How is that for a dramatic craving? haha!
So, here they are...Cheese and refried bean enchiladas, in whole wheat tortillas, with garden tomatoes, onions, and cilantro sauteed and then baked with wonderful cheese, topped with organic sour cream.

This was lunch, for dinner we had our weekly concert in the park bananza with Hot Box pizza, left over cucumber tomato-onion-salad, and of course cookies-n-cream ice cream as posted previously. Yeah, not the healthiest food all in one day, but what can I say. I am pregnant and mama like cheese and tomatoes A LOT. haha...

Sigh, yummy yummy week of food.

Left on Thursday for THE Retreat, where plenty and plenty more yummy food was made and on all that wonderfulness will soon to be posted. :)

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