Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ohhhh boy.....or girl. :)!

Today was my monthly check in with the nurse practitioner. Auntie Lauren was in town, so she got to go with me. :)
All is well with baby bear and mama bear. Gaining the appropriate amount of weight. Blood pressure 118/62. And babies heartbeat was 148 beats/min. :-D Happy happy mama...
But the most new information of them all, was scheduling the appointment for our one and only ultrasound...A WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!! Next Wednesday the 28, we will finally get to see our sweet baby. :)!!!! Annnnnd find out if it is a boy or a girl! EEEEEEPPPPP!!!! I can barely stand it. :)

Until then, I will still daydream of the possibilities of either one anticipating being able to identify and know this baby one big step more....

P.s. Isn't the break from the miserable humid heat to just normal good ole summer heat amazing? I am actually feeling a cool breeze through the apt as we speek! :)!!!!
again, happy happy mama


  1. Would you mind bringing some of that Nice Air with you, please? It is uber miserable here....
    Next Week!!!!!

  2. YAY! Can't come soon enough :) Looking forward to seeing you soon!!!!

  3. The breeze got miserably unbearable about a 20 minutes after writing this, haha.
    And yes!!! So much to look forward to in these next two weeks! Two weeks till maternity leave and vacation! YAY!!!