Friday, July 16, 2010

music. pizza. ice cream....worms?

(hubby and I's favorite summer past time, concerts outside in the cool of the evening with each other :)

As miserably hot Wednesday day was, the evening was delightful and full of lovely experiences. Hubby and I drove by Purdue's Union the previous Wednesday on our way back from my work noticing the free live music out in front, hubby excitingly and puppy eyed exclaimed "oh wow, wanna go?!" I then proceeded to slowly turn and look at him with my all black waitress attire after a long night of heat and exhaustion and said, "No, no I don't" Poor hubby...
The following day he sent me an e-mail with the details of the all summer long, every Wednesday, different kinds of music, outside, close to our home, and free event. Yeah, pretty swell. I had felt bad of depriving hubby of the previous week of one of his(and my own) favorite activities, and made a point to be free Wednesday night and go no matter what the music. It was a date!

So Wednesday arrived and we anticipated the event all day, we even decided to call an invite our lovely friends that partner with us in the garden to join us for Pizza and a concert!
So Landon and I followed through with our once a week Hot Box Pie of the Week plans, which is our faaavorite pizza in Lafayette. And it must be said, that hubby and I try very hard and enjoy eating healthy. But we love us some good pizza. Our marriage wouldn't be as happy without it, haha! We love our membership e-mail that gets us the Pie of the Week, after the verbal code for ordering, is half off any size! This week, The Eve-broccoli and fresh tomatoes, with fontina cheese, marinara, and roasted garlic...code: An Apple a Day, just say it when you order. Amazing! Not our favorite pie from there, but great none the less. Plus, Gardner Partners brought Pink Lemonade! Yum!

(sigh, I just can't live without it)

We arrived to see our lovely married garden friends arriving at the same time on the other side of the Union. We found a lovely spot in the shade, surrounded by many children. In fact, we had noticed that most of the crowd was rather elderly or small families...? Oh well, none of us cared. With Landon and I preparing for our little one and gardner partner/dear friend Laura anticipating being aunt the same time I am due with her eldest sisters first, we both just giggled and stared at all the adorable children around us and all there sweet little innocent games and faces.
Shortly after sitting down and starting into our Eve of a Pie the Moonshine Mason and the Rot Gut Gang started to play. I know, great name right?! I knew it would be country, but I was hoping maybe for some folk-like country, sadly it wasn't but enjoyable none the less with good company. Especially watching all the kidos dancing around while Pretty Woman played, HA! After devouring our pizza we all concluded that a bit of ice cream would just hit the spot, and was magic. We saw an ice cream vendor their at the location. Hubby, the frugal man he is does not turn down ice cream at any time. More than pizza, ice cream is his main squeeze. He ran off without any money or shoes, and I had to haul him back for some cash. He came back with TWO quite good size proportions of ice cream for a total of $4. Great deal! He got chocolate and he got me cookies and cream, which is EXACTLY what I wanted! Good hubby :) It was soooooo tasty! Exactly what over heated mama wanted. The whole event was splendid, and we plan to go every week the remaining of the summer if we can help it. Next week, Small Town Heroes, our absolute favorite local band! :D!!!!!

(can't wait to get it again next week!)

Why worms???? Well, earlier that day hubby went and purchased jumbo red worms for our composting for the second time. First time, it was so cotton pickin hot outside that on the way home they all died from the heat! Poor little guys, and after Landon had convinced they were going to have a good life and everything. :(
So this time, he purchased them and rushed home to take care of them asap. And here they are, active and happy as a clam to eat all our organic leftovers. Bon appetite!

(I think we are going to give them a happy life...this time )

I will post a whole blog on Composting with Worms soon, so stay tuned!...

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