Sunday, July 18, 2010

MUST Have for least for me.

Bought these today, and already they have changed my comfort level completely for pregnancy!

"Be Maternity Seamless Leggings"

(taken by ever faithful hubby, had to get him out of bed. haha. He is the best.)

This is the same brand of the Maternity Be Band, also a MUST for expecting mamas!
I can still wear my pre-pregnancy pants with this band! Wear it with my work clothes and even jeans allll the time! How much longer I will be able to, time will tell. But it has been COMPLETELY worth the money! Only $16.00! Much better than buying four new maternity pants in the beginning that wont fit later in pregnancy.
Going back to the leggings, I have had my eye on these ever since I found out I was pregnant. Annnnd possibly even before :). I put them on after getting home and immediately knew I would not be taking them off any time soon. Incredibly breathable, even in this miserable heat! And will be still warm enough in a few months when I am ripe for the soon to be (but not soon enough) fall months, as well as post birth. so I might be wearing these the rest of my life, haha. I will still be able wear all my skirts and/or big shirts (aka hubby's flannels) this fall! Just put on some boots instead of sandals and add a cardigan and scarf and VIOLA! Fall maternity out of summer maternity :)! Plus, it is extremely flexible material! It is comfortable right now, and I know it still has lots of room with it's mostly Nylon fabric.
Did I mention it is seamless....yeah. You expecting mamas know that this is a HUGE bonus. Closest thing I have found to not wearing anything at all.

These two "Be" products have saved me so much money thus far that I haven't even needed to go maternity shopping yet. But that has a lot to do with the fact that since I have been married I have been stocking clothes (mainly dresses and shirts) that are belly expandable friendly. Knowing that my husband and I would start our family sooner than most. I just had a hunch. :) Plus, I just really like how comfortable maternity clothes are anyway. haha.
Annnnnd all this wonderfullness for only $24.99......

So, soon to be mama's and soon to be again mama's. Go! Go now!!! You wont regret it!
But do wait to wear them till around 20 weeks, or whenever it is that you feel you have a significant belly. The seamless top would fall down (from reviews I have read) if you are not big enough. I thankfully though, have not had any problems! Probably because this mama has got herself an already perchable belly! :)

(Available Target online or at Target stores)

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