Thursday, August 5, 2010

I am loved...yesterday pt.2

Hubby arrived home shortly. I had planned on making dinner, but due to the heat I didn't see it happening. But thankfully, saved by this mornings chaos, had plenty of chicken left and one piece of bruschetta left for hubby and some chicken left for me to make a quick chicken parm sandwich. YES! Perfect!!!
But as the night drew on, with all its horrible heat misery. I could not get comfortable doing anything or the thought of doing anything. I finally just gave into it. Poor hubby. I had a much over due melt down about my not fitting clothing situation. You can plan so ahead of time with buying big dresses and flowy shirts that allow belly room. But their is no way to estimate your bust line tripling in cup size. So I found myself lately extremely frusterated with not being able to modestly wear much of my clothes. I couldn't just "throw" something on like I could before. I took so much planning, and usually more layers than this overheated mama could handle.
Among this melt down, it started to storm and pour.
Thank you thank you thank God!!!!!
I immediately started to feel a bit more relaxed being able to actually breathe outdoor air without feeling like I was going to suffocate!
Also, good hubby saw where I was coming from and sat down with me and asked me what I needed to feel comfortable. We talked about it for awhile, and concluded after prices and what not to be expected that it was a necessity to go on a maternity shopping trip. And not be second hand.
I then exclaimed to hubby my overworrying fretting about the budget self, "But where in the budget is it going to come out of?!" Hubby replied, "If you need it, you need it. We will make it work." Sigh, good hubby, Gooooood hubby. Just what I needed to hear.
After awhile, I realized that the only time we had free to shop was right then. So, we quickly got ourselves together and headed to the mall. A place we never really go.
We only had a hour before they closed, but we thought we would try.
We got almost all green lights on the way! A trip that would normally take about 25 min because of traffic, took 10!!! A total God thing.
So we went in, and walked directly to Motherhood Maternity.
Wow, talk about a world that I want to live in. I didn't even feel like I was in the mall anymore!!! (which is a good thing, I honestly loath the mall)
The worker there gave me all her attention and helped so much for me understand what sizes I needed. And wonderful wonderful hubby looked around and told me what would be cute on me, and what things he thought I would want. He even carried around my purse so I could shop to my fullest. He let me grab whatever I wanted, I was only trying on. :)
We had previously decided that I needed to buy t-shirts that were comfortable for summer but also fall friendly in color to minimize more trips later. As well as a pair of light pants and of course BRAS!!!!
We grabbed tons of options from all the different sales racks, and were put into the VIP dressing room because of how much we grabbed. Landon loved the special room, has a bench with a cushion and everything. He was set!
So on and off I went! Quickly too! Ten minutes left! Even though the saleswoman had made it clear not to rush, and that she was still going to be there for awhile. But I know it is rude to stay late. Plus, I don't really like dilly dallying in dressing rooms. You know you like or not. Period. Not a big fan of seeing myself if those oh so flattering mirrors for too long. haha.
But hubby, sweet sweet hubby. Not matter how big and huge I feel he relentlessly tells me I am beautiful and absolutely adorable. He looooovvvvves me being pregnant!
So we decided on our purchases, three lovely belly and bust frienly shirts, one pair of linen pants, and FOUR bras! All for a super great price!
I was beaming, and I think Landon was beaming even more. He knows when he has done something good for me that I need, and my happiness magnifies his happiness. On the way home, we marveled at the post storm sky and enjoyed the actual cool breeze coming in the car.
We had decided we both were a bit hungry, but didn't know what we wanted.
We got close to home, and I looked at him and said, "House Special Lomein." He then slowly turned to me and said, "oooh yeah." We had it left in the budget for the week. We share it usually because they stuff so much even in a small one, that it feels like such a treat but is so incredibly cheap.
So we got our Lomein, hurried home, took a quick shower, got ourselves cozy in our oasis room, and put in of course Ice World from the Planet Earth series (our favorite series ever). It had such a great way of cooling us down!

It was an absolutely great ending to an emotionally and mentally exhausting day....

Thank you God for husbands, and their compassion to make their wives comfortable and content when they really need it.


  1. I really enjoy reading your ongoing continuous stream of thoughts! It's like a breath of fresh air! I am encouraged by the love Lando shows you! It often times reminds me of the blessing I have in my husband!

  2. Thank you God for sensitive WISE hubbies.....