Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Well then, where to begin...

Well, since the last time I wrote so many wonderful things and events have taken course.
We left with hubby's family for a week long vacation on an island about 30 minutes away from Charleston, South Carolina called Kaiwah. Even through the 15 hour drive and the intense heat and humidity it was a lovely spent week relaxing and for my mama self to reflect on my life and our little girl and how our lives will never be the same after December was much needed and appreciated. It was a great trip to spend with family and realizing how grateful and blessed I am to have such wonderful in-laws.

Hubby and I in Charleston, outside the Inn where we stayed on our honeymoon :)!

Hubby with his lovely younger sisters

Hubby's wonderful and loving parents

On our return from our trip, it was a tizzy whirlwind of a week!
We started out with a wonderful short trip at my parents for the evening and overnight. Sigh, so nice to be home and in the loving care of your parents that love you dearly and cherish your mate almost as much as you do.
We had a great time, and a most cherished time with my mama thinking about being a mama now in training...
I was extra sleepy and hungry on our vacation. Hmmm... growing little girl maybe? :)
Well, on the evening we returned she must have been happy to be home.
Our little sweetie started groovin and a kickin like she never had before! Goodness. I had to yell Landon into the room after I laid down to have him see this punch boxing scene between our lady bear and my tummy. Wow! Landon couldn't believe it! There she was for both of us to see! Kicking so hard we could see her popping out of my belly all over!
So remarkable. It has been a week and as of now I am still so excited to feel every big presence of her. Day and Night. Maybe in the future it will be annoying like everyone says it will be, but for now I am grateful for the evidence of knowing she is in there and having a good time, and the reassurance that I am taking care of her. :)

I am so grateful to our giving Father that has blessed us with this active little girl who has already captured Landon and I's waking and sleeping thoughts and prayers.
She has all our love and we can't wait to get to know her more...

more thoughts and ramblings about the joyful, blissful, and busyful weekend of Baby Shower and trip to Moline with the silly parentals soon to be posted...


  1. Four pregnancies later, and I've never found the feeling annoying, Calin. It's beautiful each and every single time Little Man hits his Mamma, as I know it's in full preparation for what's to come. I am betting he'll be active like his Daddy, but right now, I enjoy knowing he is alive and well. Keep up the kickboxing routine, Lady Bear. You make your mommy quite blissful. (By the way, Cal, you look ADORABLE.)